Thursday, February 16, 2006

Netflix is being sick, again

Last time I wrote about Netflix, I mentioned that Netflix was taking people for ride. Not me. Just other people. That has changed. They are taking me for a ride, too. They have now begun to delay our shipments. I guess we thought that when they said "unlimited," they weren't lying. Wrong. They lied. Funny thing, me and a bunch of other people that I have read about had amazing, quick delivery at when we first signed up. Now, everybody's shipments are delayed just because of our loyalty. It used to take like one or two days for Netflix to acknowledge that they received our DVD in the mail, now it takes a week! Is it a coincidence that me and a bunch of other people get fast shipments in the beginning, and then as time goes on we get throttled?

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Anonymous Jason Beeman said...

Duh.. They want you as a customer but once they have you nobody but the truly good companies do things to keep you happy.

I love sprint and there cell service but we have been waiting for over 16 weeks for a rebate check that was suppose to come in 4 to 14 weeks. When we called they said it would be another month. Get used to it. Unfortunatley the world seems to operate this way now.

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